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I'm Geof Kirby, the principal photographer of Xrystal Productions and I have been working with commercial, industrial and architectural photography for nearly 30 years. Commercial and industrial photography is varied and challenging, ranging from the mundane to the exciting and sometimes exotic, sometimes dangerous. From the rough and tumble of logging operations in the East Malaysian jungles to the sterile cleanliness of a Singapore pharmaceutical manufacturer, my passion is to create compelling images which will assist clients to display and promote their products and services in the best possible light.

For architectural and property photography, I built a mast system to raise a camera some 13 metres above ground. This elevated mast system allows viewpoints of properties that take in the architecture and setting in a single shot. The system has proved to be a more flexible and cost effective alternative to working from a helicopter. Clients of this service include architects, real estate agents, auctioneers, developers and construction companies.

My more personal photography, where I have only myself to please, is at: www.geofkirby.com

Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you enjoyed the wide variety of images.

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